Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Do-Nothing U.S. Attorney!

Can someone explain to me why the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Juan has more prosecutors than ever in its history, and yet the number of cases filed has gone down? A reduction in crimes is definitely not the explanation, since one of the top campaign issues here is fighting crime, given the exploding crime statistics. And many of the cases they are taking on are not all that big, compared to cases we have been used to seeing the U.S. Attorney's Office here handle. Perhaps the explanation lies in the U.S. Attorney himself. Nobody seems to have ever spoken to him personally, and he seems to just be in a holding pattern awaiting a judicial appointment somewhere in Texas (that's where he is from), or at least that is what has been rumored. His name is H.S. García. Anyone know what kind of AUSA he was in Texas? I'm told that one is more likely to meet him at the Plaza Las Americas mall (he likes Borders) than at his office during working hours.