Saturday, August 28, 2004

An Interview with the Uniter

This is not supposed to be a blog about politics, but some exceptions have to be made. The New York Times had an article yesterday (Excerpts of an Interview With President Bush) containing excerpts of an interview with President Bush. It is a funny read, as well as a sad one when one considers this is the President speaking his usual doublespeak. About the only honest answer the President gives during the interview was the one in this exchange, itself an evasive answer:
On mistakes made in his first term:
Ms. Bumiller: At your last big press conference, you said that you couldn't think of any mistakes you had made. It's been about three or four months. Can you think of any now? It's been a long time.

THE PRESIDENT: You mean other than having this interview?
I would have liked for these reporters to have asked the President whether he thought John McCain really respected him, or whether he was simply positioning himself to be a presidential candidate in 2008.