Monday, August 02, 2004

Petitions granted today in Booker and Fanfan, but what about the others?

Today the Court did almost exactly as the Solicitor General requested: it granted the petition for certiorari in U.S. v. Booker (7th Cir.) and the petition for certiorari before judgment in U.S. v. Fanfan (1st Cir.). The Court also expedited briefing and scheduled 2 hours of consolidated oral argument for October 4th in these two cases. The only difference was that the Acting Solicitor General had suggested as his first choice for oral argument a September date, before the start of the next term. Today's Order List can be found here.

The Court did not act upon the pending petitions in Pineiro (5th Cir.), Bijou (4th Cir.), the certification from the 2d Cir. in Penaranda, or the request for rehearing submitted by the State of Washington in Blakely itself.