Sunday, September 26, 2004

Try Firefox Browser

I don't like to be pushing products, but I'm going to make this exception. Try out the Firefox 1.0PR browser. You'll thank yourself for your smart choice.

Get Firefox!

It's a lean & mean browser! It's even got a feature called "Live Bookmarks" for grabbing the RSS feeds from various pages, including Macondo Law, and many others. While I use a stand alone feed reader - FeedDemon - I still found this feature really nice, particularly if you do not want to or cannot shell out the money for FeedDemon.

Oh! . . . and did I tell you I have not experienced a single freeze the whole time I have been using it?! I think Firefox has caught the guys at Microsoft's Internet Explorer asleep at the switch, and they have had a rude awakening. Microsoft is going to have to come up with one heck of a browser to ever get me back to Internet Explorer. I used Netscape way back when, until IE became a better browser and I switched, and somehow Netscape did not quite make it again. But Firefox is --by far-- the best stand-alone browser I have tried. Go for it!

And the other stand-alone products by the Mozilla team, such as Mozilla Thunderbird (e-mail client) and Mozilla Sunbird (Calendar) which I'm also trying out are excellent too. Sunbird is still in development and it already seems to be better than MS Outlook's Calendar. I'm still somewhat hooked on Outlook's e-mail client, but that is probably more a matter of habit than anything else.