Monday, September 13, 2004

U.S. Government Aids Terrorists in Afghanistan

TalkLeft has a post here on "D.E.A. Roadshow Hits Times Square" featuring "Target America: Traffickers, Terrorists & You". So everyone who uses illegal drugs is helping drug traffickers and by the same token, feeding terrorism. I'm certain there is probably a bit of truth in making all of us, even those who defend people charged with drug trafficking, somehow pro-terrorists, . . . at least in the eyes of DEA, FBI, Ashcroft's DOJ, and probably even in Don's, Dick's and George's view.

The problem with all of this is that DEA and the rest of the Government have done very little if anything to curb the huge heroin traffic from Afghanistan, instead moving resources into Iraq. Now, if DEA and the Bush administration can explain why they have allowed this continue in Afghanistan, I'd like to hear their explanations. The last time I heard the DEA top guy talk about this on television he reacted as if this were a very nuanced matter that had to take a backburner to the war on terror! Give me a break!