Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Vets (as in Veterinarians) and others have the lie on Giuliani B.S. Story

No, I don't think Rudy will take that polygraph test I mentioned here. Check this quote from a speech he gave to the American Veterinary Medical Association on July 19, 2003, published here.
As an example, Giuliani talked about how he had gotten to know President Bush while he was still governor of Texas. Shortly after 9/11, Giuliani remembers saying to himself, "Thank God, George Bush is president."
Now, Rudy, which is it? Did you say this to Bernie or to yourself? Or was it to a fireman you said this to? See this post describing a Rudy speech in Louisiana:
Unsurprisingly, President Bush dominated the entire speech, all the way down to Giuliani’s favorite story about spontaneously telling a fireman during that fateful day, “Thank God George Bush is President.”
Will Rudy make up his mind? Will he tell us the truth? What a pathetic guy! No wonder he identifies with George Bush. And this is the guy who talks about Kerry not telling the truth?