Saturday, October 02, 2004

Booker & Fanfan Oral Arguments Will Not to Be Broadcast, and how to obtain transcripts before the 10-15 days usual period

We have been informed that there will be no exception as to no live broadcast of the Booker & Fanfan oral arguments on Monday, October 4th, in the afternoon. Through BOPWatch I have learned that " When the transcripts become available however, they are posted to the Supreme Court's website ( (about 10-15 days after argument) and (with the audio) on Oyez. Transcripts of Supreme Court arguments are available in the Supreme Court Library, about 10 days after the argument. But I have also learned through BOPWatch that the only official (contract) Courtroom reporter, Alderson Reporting Company, provides these transcripts to persons wishing to obtain them sooner than they are posted, for a fee. If you are interested, you should contact Alderson at (202) 289-2260, or

UPDATE: For complete details as to how and where transcripts of oral arguments can be obtained (both paying and free) click here.