Sunday, October 17, 2004

"I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a contender" - Well, you still can: Make sure everyone who can vote does vote

Just ask yourself: Do I want George W. Bush to make the next three or four nominations to the Supreme Court, or do I want John F. Kerry making these nominations?

My answer is a very simple one: John F. Kerry.

Looking at it from a distance -a not very far one given the internet- I can only say that I am amazed George W. Bush even stands a chance to win reelection, let alone that he may be ahead in the polls.

There is no way that if all eligible voters went to vote he could win. We do not want to be looking at post-mortems indicating that Republicans were more effective at getting out the vote than Democrats.

Your citizen skills are needed now more than ever. Volunteer immediately to help get voters to the polls. If Kerry loses, at least you will not have to tell yourself you could have done more. It is not enough to just go vote. You must assure others go as well.

Moreover, you can help educate persons who otherwise are somewhat apathetic to the idea of voting on the importance of their vote. But don't leave it at that. On election day, be sure they go vote. Take them there if you must. Every single vote is important. And if you can offer your assistance to make sure nobody's right to vote is improperly denied, then you will have done some of the most important pro bono work of the year.