Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Pope's Ferrari

For years I've been waitng for the next year's Pope-mobile model, much as others wait for other car models, only to be frustrated in seeing the Pope stick to his same model. But now it all appears to have changed, drastically.
Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo said today the Italian Formula One team would build a special car for Pope John Paul II to mark his 26 years as pontiff.

"We will make a Ferrari Formula One car especially for the pope," Mr Montezemolo told reporters on a visit to the Vatican.

However, Mr Montezemolo drew the line at changing the colour of the car from its customary red to a different shade that the pontiff might prefer.

"The Pope would not be best pleased to see a Ferrari that wasn't a Ferrari," he remarked.

I can't wait to see him drive it, or even ride in it! And just think of the advertising campaign.