Monday, November 01, 2004

New Kids on the Blogs

Today there are two new blogs I want to mention. One is Alaskablawg - Law and Life in the Last Frontier, penned by a criminal defense lawyer in, you got it, Alaska. Should be interesting to read what practicing criminal defense law is like there.

Another new blog of great interest, is White Collar Crime Prof Blog, at which -starting today- distinguished law Professors Ellen Podgor and Peter Henning "will make daily postings on issues related to White Collar Crime. The Blog will discuss current investigations and indictments, criminal and civil enforcement cases, and issues related to the scope of the criminal law." Both of the contributors at White Collar Crime Prof Blog are NACDL members. This should be a very useful blog.

Both of these blogs have feeds.

Macondo Law welcomes both of these new additions to the blogosphere.