Monday, May 23, 2005

To Circuit Judge Howard: You may be last, but certainly not least

We blogged on the May 12, 2005 Memorandum and Order in Igartua de la Rosa v. United States in this post. The First Circuit has now published an errata for the Igartua de la Rosa case here, that reads as follows:
The memorandum and order of this court issued on May 12, 2005, should be amended as follows:

On the cover sheet replace "Torruella, Selya, Lynch, Howard and Lipez, Circuit Judges." with "Torruella, Selya, Lynch, Lipez and Howard, Circuit Judges."
Well, my favorite Circuit Judge has always been the one with the least seniority on the Court, since it is to that Judge that the Chief Judge traditionally delegates the review of all CJA Vouchers from the District Court, so Circuit Judge Howard may now be last, but certainly not least, certainly not in my view of things.