Friday, June 17, 2005

Marquez-Marín v. Gonzales, et al. - Complaint by Former AUSA

Here is the Complaint in Marquez-Marín v. Gonzales, et al. No. 05-1619 -HL. Most of the stuff alleged therein has been vox populi for some time now. Former AUSA Carmen Marquez-Marín is a straight shooter, incapable of including allegations in a complaint that are not true. The question then becomes: will there be anyone at our U.S. Attorney's Office who will stand up and tell the truth, rather than constantly telling everyone else outside the office how bad things are in there? Carmen's credibility will withstand any attacks from defendants, so I would suggest to defendants they ought to think twice before deciding that the only thing to do is defend at all costs. I doubt they listen to me, so . . . let the games begin.