Saturday, January 23, 2010

eMarketing reflections - a new blog from Australia

Jeroen Hoekman, an eMarketing specialist, has started his new blog eMarketing reflections. The content, however, is not only relevant to eMarketers, but to all who use or may be thinking of using social media. After all, when we use social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) to communicate with others, not all of those "others" are so-called "close friends" that we might want to trust with certain information. I find that some of the concerns about using social media for eMarketers which Jeroen Hoekman expresses apply to us all. For example, think of the things you have said on Facebook which you would definitely not want some prospective employer seeing or learning about. Some good counsel in some of those reflections by Jeroen. I invite you to take a more in depth look at his blog, which is just starting out.